Creating with love.

The unique and undefinable experience of participating in America’s Burning Man festival, the world’s biggest art festival, was something totally unexpected, that appeared in my life as if by magic and gave rise to a new burst of creativity within me.

People come from all over the world to join in the activities and projects that the festival organises to showcase all kinds of artistic expression. These people come to join a community committed to coexisting for those few days according to the principles of radical self-expression and self-sufficiency.

Sculture at the Burning Man festival


If you ask me what role fashion plays at the festival, I would say it has an important place.

The resurgence of new looks, with unbridled creativity is a trend that is gaining in popularity.

Each person lets their imagination run wild and becomes a free spirit, turnin into a true into a true performer.

The aesthetic and the accesories are radically different, creating surprising and fascinating visual images.


Sculture at the Burning Man festival

Costumes of the festival

Developing a new line of work focused on these types of events, with a different perspective to which I’m used to, and to be able to freely express shapes and silhouettes that are radically y different from previous collections is like an escape for me.

The affectionate messages displayed on each garment reflect the spirit of the festival, honouring human qualities and the principles of community coexistente that defines this event.

The fact that thousands of people come to the Nevada desert looking to share these qualities creates a universal energy that affects us too.

Model Happiness Coat


Heart and words made from coloured gemstones simulate the thousands of neon lights that come on when the complete darkness of the night invades Black Rock City.

Our challenger for the coming seasons will definitely be to discover a new project.



We love to innovate and it’s why we enjoy discovering new things and the adventure of forming part of a unique and different culture, something that can create a new way of life.



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