1. Maximun madness.

Certainly one of the most daring collections created by our Marysol Gómez label, but by no means any less attractive.

With this collection we enter the special, fantasy world of the famous film Mad Max, the content of which has inspired and is expressed in our designs. The process has been like discovering an inner power that had not been expressed before.

On this occasion the collection is designed for a woman capable of turning herself into a warrior and who fights to achieve a better, more equal world.

A woman who fights to change society but with a sincere, delicate touch rather than anger and bloodshed.

The collection, with its stunning shapes and garments with silver metallic details, enhances feminine sensuality to create a special and all-encompassing force that drives the wearer to triumph in a mad world.

Our goal is to ensure our customers identify with and enjoy our proposals.

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