Dressing Euterpe.

Working as designer at the worls’s largest art festival, the fascinating and creative Burning Man Festival in the USA, was one of the best experiences of my life.

Our atelier created the costume for the giant Euterpe puppet, part of the show by the Spanish art project  “Step Forward”. It was a challenge both because of the puppet’s immense size ( 8 m tall) and the difficulty of adapting our costumes to the harsh weather conditions in the Nevada desert.

The key to success here was a meticulous study of each detail of the desing, selecting appropriate materials and planning for possible problems  when exhibiting piece.

In honour of  “tu, tu” day, we chose a ballet dress desing reinforced underneath with a circular system of steel rods to hold the skirt up and help the costume withstand the strong desert winds in Black Rock City.

We also enjoyed seeing Euterpe dressed as an astronaut.

To create the costume we used a made-to-measure fabric that was doubly reinforced to ensure it was strong enough to work with.

This gave a great result as it meant we could make it look very realistic.

The more than 750,ooo visitors to this amazing event enjoyed a unique and exciting spectacle and the giant Euterpe puppet was one of the most successful art projects of the year.

In the Atelier (Alicante)

Design patterns Euterpe, Workshop Marysol Gómez.

Ballerina desing on the day of “tu-tu” for Euterpe.


Giant puppet Euterpe
(Black Rock City desert)


Trying the astronaut suit on the Euterpe puppet.


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