About me – Marysol Gómez


With her connections to the world of world of industrial dressmaking. Marysol begins training as a textile production line technician with the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha, where she’s from, in order to implement the sector’s pioneering work model in the community. During her training, her ability and talent in the field leads her to be appointed as head of textile production lines for the prestigious Spanish company El Corte Inglés ( Induyco) and the children’s fashion retailer Prenatal.

The huge demand in the sector leads Marysol to expand the  system to different workshops, with “Confecciones Moral” being the one of the most important. Today, thanks to the close links she has always cultivated, part of the production for the collections that Marysol Gómez desing under her own label are made in this well-known workshop. She continues this work for several years, providing knowledge and an understanding of the entire manufacturing process for fashion:

  • Selecting appropriate fabrics for each desing
  • Developing the pattern and industrial pattern cutting
  • Producing the garments
  • Quality control
  • Preparing labels and packaging ready for sale